Carpe Bee'm Women's T - '8 plastic bottles = 1 cool Tee'

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Carpe Bee'm has scoured the globe for your NEW Favorite T!!  High quality, comfortable and stylish, Women's Recover Tee is your "go-to" shirt, great for every occasion, day or night. All Recover apparel is made from 100% recycled materials (post consumer PET and post industrial cotton). The Women’s Recover Tee is a 50/50 cotton/polyester blend, giving you all the comfort of cotton and the performance of polyester. Sizes run standard.

All Recover garments begin at the source – recycled plastic bottles and recycled cotton.  Recover is 100% recycled, eco-friendly apparel; 8 plastic bottles = 1 shirt!

More about RECOVER Brands:

Our Environmental Impact

We recycle textiles and fabric scraps that would otherwise go to landfills. And by using polyester from PET bottles, we not only reduce the amount of bottles going into landfills, we also reduce CO2 emissions. Our process:

  1. Reduces greenhouse gas emissions by over 35%
  2. Reduces energy consumption by over 66%
  3. Reduces water consumption by over 55%
  4. Saves of 4817.6 liters of water per ton of yarn produced
  5. Saves of 16.5 kgs of chemicals per ton of yarn produced
  6. Reduces emissions of CO2 by 233.8 kgs  per ton of yarn produced
  7. Reduces the release of contaminated water by 3574.4 liters
  8. Saves 512.5 KwH of electricity per ton of yarn produced
  9. Saves 7803.2 sq ft of land under cotton cultivation that could be used for other production.

8 bottles = 1 shirt!