raw Northeast Blueberry Blossom


Blue is Back...
Our Raw Northeast Blueberry Blossom honey is a warm, medium amber with a light Blueberry end note.. This delectable honey is produced during pollination of high-bush and “low-bush” wild blueberries. The blueberry blossom nectar, gathered from the bell shaped flower of the blueberry plant provides a pleasantly sweet hint of blueberry and finishes on a soft-buttery note.  Also high in antioxidant properties.
~ Pairing suggestion: drizzled over artisan cheese, served in Earl Grey Tea, hot crusted breads, "PBH" (peanut butter & honey sandwich) or create a summer Blueberry vinaigrette
Did you know??...BEE FACT: In order to produce 1lb of honey, 2 million flowers will be visited and a hive must fly 55,000 miles.  One bee colony can produce 60-120 lbs of honey per year.  An average worker bee makes only 1/12th tsp. in her lifetime.